Technological Taxidermy




A regional electronic music event comprised of 10+ artists from the PNW… coming together to express their unique styles, passions, and processes on one amazing night.

AUGUST 10TH, 2019





Electronic Music Project by Tobias Hendrickson, Co-Founder of Technological Taxidermy.

An exploration of artifacts from a forgotten time... when perceptions of life and family seemed undying. A summary of early childhood memories taken from old tape recordings and VHS home videos; synthesizing a glimpse into an existence which once was... but may never be again.


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CONFLUX REDUX is the sound project of Chelsea Hendrickson, Co-Founder of Technological Taxidermy. A confluence of ideation, exploration and introspection through experimental electronic music. She mixes elements of synthesis, rhythmic patterns and atmospheric sampling to manifest auditory expressions of physical experiences.


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Hugo Paris first encountered synthesizers as a child growing up in a small village in the Provence. His grandmother gifted him his first instrument at age 7: a small, battery-operated toy keyboard. It ignited a lifelong fascination with using, collecting and making synthesizers, pedals and other hardware that propelled him to study music theory and engineering while at university in Le Mans.

After school he moved to America to work on the Nobel Prize in Physics-winning LIGO project at M.I.T., and later relocated to San Francisco. There he started to collect electronic instruments and use them to record one-take layers with minimal processing, which laid the groundwork for his first albums as Lavender with local label Jacktone - Mystique Youth (2015) and Horizons Beneath The Surface (2016).

Between creating and performing those records, Hugo also visited Stanford University's CCRMA lab, where he got the idea for a polyphonic modular instrument. In 2016 he moved to Portland, Oregon to develop the idea for leading Eurorack manufacturer 4MS. In 2017 his invention became the company's flagship product, the SWN (pronounced "swan").

Over the past few years he turned his attention to a new album, Threaded Habitat, which is due out July 19 on Jacktone Records and Beacon Sound. The vinyl release will be his first under his given name, marking a fresh and more personal creative approach.

DONALDCRUNK is the melodic synthesizer output of Jason Degelman, who has been performing solo with a eurorack synthesizer since 2010. DONALDCRUNK seeks to create dynamic, polyrhythmic and dense music with minimal equipment and maximum emotion.


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Rae (Patchwerks, PodMod) is a modular artist from Seattle who enjoys blending found sounds and synthesis to create lush soundscapes and dark, clubby techno.

Nick Bigelow is a weirdo based out of Seattle who dabbles in all sorts of hardware synthesizers. On Eurorack, he makes hard-hitting dance music inspired by house and techno, but also takes meandering turns towards psychedelia and noise. He uses and abuses sequencers and polymeter to create rhythmic and shifting patterns that will make you shake your little butt while also tickling your mind. He also is one half of Seattle-based visual collective allotrope ijk alongside C.M. Barth where they combine generative visuals and other technology to give a truly stimulating and uniquely tripped out visual experience.




Vän is influenced by her classical and jazz backgrounds to create a lush, ambient soundscape that ebbs and flows with rhythmic, funky grooves and textures, that will leave your auditory pallet stimulated and hungry for more. She uses a combination of eurorack, samplers, vocals, pedals, and acoustic instruments to bring you a live performance unlike anything else in hopes to bring familiarity to the listener with a new perspective of sound design and composition.

Shantell has been in the PNW for the past 14 years by way of Buffalo NY. Shantell works as a college administrator by day and in ALL other free time is pursuing her passion for art; be it visual art, spoken word and recently electronic music.


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Spokane-based sound and video artist Jessica Earle, born 1986 is focused on drawing parallels between environmental trauma and the intergenerational trauma passed down in humans. Using autobiographical reflection and through the lens of science fiction Ms. Earle hopes to work towards an intervention that addresses them both.


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Max Harnishfeger is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and a Spokane resident from birth. He is the founding member of the experimental pop outfit, Water Monster, and is constantly inspired by limitations and the intersection between the organic and synthetic.


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ELLINGSON is a lifetime native of Spokane who composes music with analog and digital recording tools. He bought his first synthesizer in 1974, the first piece in a synthesizer-based commercial studio that survived 31 years. His new mission is to create strange and unfamiliar music in both live performance and recordings. His most recent project, SCORE, was created in collaboration with

He performs experimental electroacoustic music combining improvisation with structured elements, live looping, analog and virtual synthesis, audio capture and processing, and random access of his personal sound collection. Using the same approach as his creation of visual art, his goal is to create layers of sound and music that are interesting enough to keep you listening.

ELLINGSON also creates compelling visual art from found objects


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Michael Fields is Wavefreq. A study of tones, pulses, and harmonics applied to the modern tools used to create electronic music. Wavefreq endeavors to summon the “Ghost in the Machine” by creating sonic worlds where these spirits might be found. Wavefreq invites the listener to join the journey.


Spokane born Christian Woods is a musician, an experimental sound designer, and DJ; creating and spinning eclectic sounds influenced and sourced from music created all around the globe.